Start a Group Order or Fundraiser

Stop the madness of collecting money or pre-ordering hundreds of products without knowing exactly how many you need. The 42nd Floor offers you an easy and risk-free way to get products to your members or to raise money for your organization or cause.

  • No money out-of-pocket. Ever. We handle everything from money collections to shipping arrangements. 
  • Assistance with Promotion. Once your project is live we'll provide you with the link to spread the word. We also offer optional SEO (helps your project be seen in web searches) to help gain visibility.
  • Optional Password Protection. Want only certain people to be able to access your project? No problem! Password protection is a free, optional service we provide on all projects.


How it Works


Pricing Your Project

How much you make off of your project is completely up to you. Choose from any royalty rate of 0% to 99% and we'll list your project. After getting started, you will be provided with a base price for your project.

B A S E   P R I C E   +   R O Y A L T Y   R A T E   =   O N L I N E   P R I C E


The more you sell, the more you make per piece.

After 100 online sales on a single project, your base rate will drop an additional 25%.